ACT-E Process

We have a simple, highly personalised process to support schools of all sizes and phases, including special schools.

We are a wide team of experienced practitioners and leaders currently working in schools.

Our approach is to provide personalised, practical and strategic advice to aid sustainable transformation in schools’ use of educational technology.

Supporting schools to transform lives by the well considered use of technology

Our programme of support looks at schools’ strategic aims, within their specific context to provide practical tools. At the heart of this programme is work on successful execution, supporting schools to measure effectiveness and the sustainability of the programme.


What are your priorities for school development, student & staff expertise and improvements to learning? We are led by your strategic needs rather than proposing a narrow range of pre-selected options.


What do we need to consider about your school context? This could include existing skills and confidence of staff, profile of your school community, funding constraints or existing partnerships to build on.


What tools do you already have available to you, or have experience in using. One of our first steps is to help you maximise the benefit of existing tools before introducing new systems. We can also provide guidance on tools already available, and support implementation of tools we have used successfully. We aim to help all schools by curating tools and resources already available before creating our own.


This is the heart of our support, and the essential component of our support to schools. Based on the Education Endowment Foundation Guide to Implementation we support schools through a 6 step process, which after building a strong foundation uses the model of explore, prepare, deliver & sustain. Sustainable transformation is threaded through each part of our work to ensure a successful legacy for your school and community.

Our Personal Commitment

Throughout our programme of support you will have a single point of contact, with experience in your phase of education. This person will help you access the advice and guidance, and link you to the most appropriate support for each stage of the process.

We know what it is like to lead change, and to work at pace within constraints. Your school will be at the heart of recommendations we make.